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2024, 2025, TBC
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 2024, 2025, TBC

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Tôhotoa ô lúkye ibe twaibelela acúba

You won't return to the river if you have not forgotten your calabash bowl there

[ an African proverb ]



Get Your Tickets!

Our village is experienced through 5 cultural stations, each giving you an insight into different African cultures. You will enjoy traditional performances, cultural activities, and interactive workshops. Get your tickets today!

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Traditional Dance Workshops

Enjoy traditional dance performances and participate in traditional dance workshops. Learn to dance to the beat!


Drumming Sessions

Enjoy live music performances and participate in interactive music and drumming workshops at night. Unleash the musician within!

And much more!


Food Tasting Sessions

Enjoy food tasting sessions, and learn to eat traditional African meals with your hands, the African way!

Cultural Stations:

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Africa is coming to Adelaide!

With the love for our roots, and the guidance of our ancestors, we are bringing Africa to your very doorsteps! Our very first Masoka Village was hosted on the traditional lands of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide plains, in November 2022. The next Masoka Village is coming soon!

This is a one time African village experience, transforming an Adelaide city parkland into an African village that is brought to life with traditional African song and dance, stories, food, and much more!

We invite you to explore our village! Take a peek at what you will experience during the Day, and see how our village comes to life especially at Night. You will be able to get your Early Bird Tickets soon, and experience Africa like never before!

You can also Apply to participate in our village as artists / performers, stall holders, volunteers, and food vendors! More information coming soon.

This event is proudly brought to you by

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Hear the drums!

Dance to the beat!

Get lost in the tale!

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