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The day experience is only half the village experience!

Patrons are given an insight into different African cultures and traditions through live performances, cultural displays and demonstrations, and  interaction with characters within the village. Conversations are also had with African community leaders and key persons within the multicultural scene of SA, about important issues relating to the multiculturalism and diversity of the Australian society.

Image by Annie Spratt

Insight 1:

Kwa Mama

At this station, you will get an insight into the typical African home of different African cultures, by taking tours into huts which have been arranged and decorated as a typical African home of a given African culture would be decorated and arranged. You will learn about the traditional lifestyles of different African people, and the significance of maintaining some aspects of these traditions here in a land away from the homeland.

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During the day, you will enjoy cultural demonstrations, and get an insight into a typical African home from different African cultures, by taking tours into huts which have been decorated and arranged as African homes are typically decorated and arranged. You will also enjoy interaction with theatrical characters, or "villagers", throughout our village, who will help you better understand different African cultures and traditions.

For a full, richer, and much more insightful and interactive experience of our village, we encourage you to stay for our Night experience, which involves mostly interactive workshops and activities, including drumming and food tasting sessions!

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Day Schedule:

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Hear the drums!

Dance to the beat!

Get lost in the tale!

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