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Our village truly comes to life at night!

Stories and meals are shared around fires, lanterns, and candles, and patrons are invited as special guests into the homes and lives of our villagers, for a deeper insight into the African way of life.

This is offered in a much more comfortable and intimate setting, and guests are treated to delicious tastings of various African dishes throughout the night. You will arrive to a night of African charm, and leave with very fond memories, as of one who has truly experienced the best of Africa.

This is the ultimate Masoka Village experience!

We want your experience of our village to be as novel as possible; we will therefore try not to reveal too much. However, we'll offer you a sneak peek into the night. See below.

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Station 3:

Kwa Babu

What is an African village without night stories around a fire?

Join Babu and Bibi, uncles and aunties around the village fire, as they tell enchanting tales of the night. At this station, you will hear stories of the charming, the wise, and the brave, and learn about the role of storytelling in the African culture. You will laugh, possibly weep, sing and clap along to an old man's tales of past, present, and future.


Stories are traditionally told at night, around a fire. Bring your blanket, and get lost in Babu's tales of night!

At night, our village is experienced through interactive cultural stations. There are 6 stations, and each focuses on a different aspect of an African culture / tradition. Each station hosts different workshops, offering patrons and guests a deeper insight into the African way of life — from drumming along to your instructor's beat and learning to eat African meals in their traditional way, to hanging onto an elder's every word as stories, laughs, and hot beverages are shared around a fire. 

Take a peek into some of the stations

Cultural Stations - Masoka Village.png

Hear the drums!

Dance to the beat!

Get lost in the tale!

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