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Our Village

Image by Mpumelelo Macu
Welcome to Masoka Village!

Masoka Village is an interactive cultural experience of the African way of life, celebrating the richness and diversity of African cultures and traditions in the form of a festival. This event is a proud brainchild of Masoka Productions.

For a whole day, an Adelaide city parkland is transformed into an interactive African village that is brought to life with traditional African music and dance, food, storytelling, and much more. The public is invited into this vibrant village, to interact with real characters from different African cultures, telling real stories of their homes, their journeys, their people and their cultures. Follow the tale they tell, dance to the beat of their drums, and enjoy the feasts they throw in your honour.

This is a ticketed event, and patrons enjoy cultural demonstrations during the Day (11am - 5pm) and interactive cultural workshops at Night (6pm - 10pm).

What can you expect from this village experience? See below

What to Expect

Our village is experienced through 5 cultural stations, each giving you an insight into a different aspect of different African cultures. You will enjoy performances and cultural demonstrations during the day (11am - 5pm), and interactive workshops at night (6pm - 10pm). Get your tickets today!

Image by Annie Spratt

Day Experience
11am - 5pm

During the day, you get an insight into different African cultures and traditions, through live performances and cultural demonstrations, some interaction with theatrical characters within the Village, and a busy African kitchen! 


The day experience is half the village experience, where you will mostly be observing and watching, with minimal interaction with the performers or cultural demonstrators.

You will get an insight into the typical African home from different African cultures, by taking tours into huts which have been arranged and decorated as typical African homes would be decorated and arranged.

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Night Experience
6pm - 10pm

It is at night that the village truly comes to life. Stories are shared around fires, lanterns, and candles, and you are invited as guests into the homes and lives of the villagers, for a deeper insight into the African way of life. This is done in a much more comfortable and intimate setting, and you are treated to tastings of various African dishes throughout the night.

You will participate in African drumming workshops, traditional African dance workshops, and African food tasting sessions. You will enjoy African storytelling at night, around a fire.

The night experience is the ultimate Masoka Village experience, with so much to interact with and experience!

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And much more!

Cultural Stations:

Cultural Stations - Masoka Village.png

Read about our

humble beginnings

From humble beginnings...

In 1996, a war broke out in the Congo (DRC), forcing the family and community of Masoka to escape to a neighbouring country, Tanzania, where they were welcomed into a refugee camp. This camp was their home for the next eight years. To keep alive the children’s imagination and sense of “play”, stories were told around campfires at night—stories of where they came from, where they currently were, and where they were possibly headed. Stories were a means of protecting especially the children’s innocence, while also educating and preparing children and the youth for the realities of “life” ahead. Through stories, important information was conveyed, and a sense of identity and place was preserved, from one generation to the next, from one land to another.


Eight years after settlement in the refugee camp, Masoka and her family were granted protection by the Australian government and, in October 2005, they migrated to their third home in Australia, marking an end to their journey of homelessness—their journey as refugees. Then began a journey of cultural confusion and a terrible sense of displacement. Fifteen years later, Masoka Productions was born.


Trips back and forth between Australia and Africa—visiting family and friends in Africa, while also appreciating the richness of the multicultural Australian society—gave Masoka two lands to genuinely love and call home. Masoka Village is our celebration of this journey, taking you on an African "safari", and bringing Africa to your very doorsteps!

Africa is coming to Adelaide!

Below is a picture of Masoka and her village friends, in the Lugufu Refugee Camp, in Tanzania


Hear the drums!

Dance to the beat!

Get lost in the tale!

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