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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the format of Masoka Village 2022 be impacted by Covid-19 restrictions?
    We are very excited to announce that Masoka Village is coming to Adelaide in November 2022. There are currently no restrictions for public events and gatherings in SA. If this changes, our event will necessarily operate under public health measures put in place by the South Australian Government.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    Absolutely! Treat your kids to an African "safari!" Each adult ticket holder is entitled to bring up to two children of age 12 years and under for FREE. Please select a FREE Child ticket per child (max 2 tickets per adult ticket holder). Additional children's tickets can be purchased at $10. Please select an Extra Child ticket for each additional child of age 12 years and under. Please note that all children are required to be ticketed, and accompanied by a ticketed adult!
  • Box Offices and Ticketing Support
    FROM FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER Presenting at our Box Offices will be the most efficient and direct way to resolve any ticketing issues you may have. Come say "jambo", and we can sort it out for you on the spot. Box Office Hours 10:00am - 8:00pm (we will share detailed directions closer to the event) GENERAL ENQUIRIES Please email
  • Where and when is Masoka Village 2022?
    Masoka Village will be hosted in Adelaide, at Rundle Park / Kadlitpina, on Saturday 12th of November 2022. See more details below. Date: Saturday 12 November 2022 Location: Rundle Park / Kadlitpina Address: Rundle Rd and, East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000 Time: 11am - 10pm
  • Who is on the line up, and when are they playing?
    The event timetable will be announced by the end of September; you can view it on our Event Timetable page. Playing times will be finalised and added around three weeks prior to the festival. Follow our official social media channels for all announcements and important festival information. Instagram | Facebook
  • What time do gates open?
    Gates open at least an hour before the event starts, to allow guests time to check in and prepare for the day's / night's program. Saturday 12 November: 10am, for 11am event start Check out our Event Timetable page for more information, and follow our official social media channels for all announcements and important festival information. Instagram | Facebook
  • Directions and Car parking
    Car parking is very limited. There is no parking available on site and little in adjacent residential streets; we therefore recommend that you carpool and park and walk from the CBD, take the bus, or share a cab / Uber with friends. The FREE city tram stops close to Rundle Park (at Botanic Gardens), so we recommend public transport. See this map of the city tram. You can read more information on the Free City Tram.
  • Tickets
    Purchase your tickets via our Tickets page. Ticket prices are different for adults, youths, and children. Each adult is entitled to bring up to two children for free; each child must have a ticket (see our Free Child or Extra Child tickets), and must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder. You might be asked to provide proof of age / ID upon checking in at the festival, so please make sure you buy the right ticket for your age range. See below. Adult: age 18 and above Youth: age 13 - 17 Child: age 0 - 12 Ticket Prices: Adult: $65 Youth: $25 Child: FREE ($10 for each additional child)
  • How do I work / volunteer / perform at Masoka Village?
    Please check our APPLY page for all relevant information on how to get involved with the festival.
  • Masoka Village is cashless
    Please come prepared! All Masoka Village box offices, vendors and stalls are cashless, accepting only card payment. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, Diners, or pre-paid debit cards, processing EFTPOS and PayWave/PayPass. If you do not currently have or use a card, we encourage you to organise a pre-paid debit card before arriving at the festival. These can be easily obtained through many financial institutions, or in store via Australia Post.
  • Will pass-outs be available?
    Yes! Please note that you must make sure you scan OUT if you want to return to the festival, and scan IN again on the same day.
  • Seating at Masoka Village
    If you wish to bring a chair, only low-standing, beach-style chairs will be permitted. Those who want to remain standing for a performance must stand at the outer edges and rear of the audience areas. For majority of the performances, the audience will be asked by the stage MC to sit down and, in these cases, those who want to stand or dance will be asked to move to the outer edges and rear of the audience area. Please be aware that standing in front of a stage for any performance not designated as a "standing performance" is prohibited, as this will interfere with other patrons' experience of the performance. We are expecting thousands of people to attend the festival and it's an on-the-move crowd, so please understand that you can’t "reserve" a spot.
  • Can I fundraise or flyer at Masoka Village?
    Absolutely not! Fundraising is not permitted by anyone on site. If you would like your organisation to have a presence at Masoka Village, please apply to hold a stall, or contact Absolutely no flyering is permitted inside the festival grounds or outside the entrances, due to our obligation of care for Rundle Park / Kadlitpina and our zero waste-to-landfill targets. Masoka Village distribution of paper handouts is restricted to the official pocket-guide.
  • Can I smoke at the festival?
    Masoka Village is a SMOKE FREE event, and this includes E-cigarettes. This is in keeping with the South Australian Government health regulations that ban smoking from all outdoor dining areas. If you wish to smoke, please step outside the festival gates to smoke, and then return. Cigarettes are not sold at Masoka Village.
  • Where can I direct suggestions or feedback?
    If you have any suggestions or comments, email us at During the festival itself, our friendly front of house staff, crowd care volunteers, or Info Booth staff will be able to direct any enquiries. Feedback forms can be found and submitted at the Info Booth.
  • Cloak Rooms
    We will unfortunately not be offering cloak rooms at the 2022 Masoka Village. Please be sure to bring with you what you can comfortably carry and walk around with.
  • Lost Property
    Please report any lost property to the Info Booth. If you find any valuables please hand it to the Info Booth. After 13 November, please email
  • Lost Children / Missing Persons
    Masoka Village follows a strict lost child/missing persons procedure. All lost children/persons are taken to the Info Booth. Parents/guardians, please report a missing child/person at the Info Booth.
  • Do Bring
    THE ESSENTIALS Your wristband! (or your ticket / booking reference number / confirmation email) Valid photo ID Hat Sunscreen Medication (for those who need their medication) Clothes to suit the weather / rain poncho RECOMMENDED Portable phone charger Sturdy shoes Family and Friends Sunnies Water bottle Come dressed in African attire (to better fit into our village); you can purchase or hire costumes at the festival MANDATORY Please be respectful of the African cultures and traditions shared with you throughout the festival Respect your fellow Masoka Villagers and guests Party pants & dancing shoes. You're going to Africa! 🥳
  • Don't Bring
    TENTS / SUNSHADES / CHAIRS Pop-up sunshades can be brought to Masoka Village, but must only be set up in areas of the park WELL away from all sightlines and traffic areas. Sunshades MUST be removed when you leave the village / park, and tents or other structures of any kind are not allowed anywhere in the park. If you bring a chair to sit on, it must be of the low-standing, beach-style variety, especially if you want to use it in front of the stages for seated performances / activities. LARGE UMBRELLAS / GLASS Large umbrellas will not be allowed into the park as they can be a safety concern in addition to disrupting other patrons experience of the event. In the case of inclement weather, we recommend packing a light rain proof jacket w/ hood and/or a lightweight poncho. Small umbrellas can be brought for personal sun protection if desired. Absolutely no glass will be allowed on site (this includes bottles as well as any food containers). WHAT ELSE? Drones, remote control aircraft / cars Professional cameras & audio recording devices Selfie Sticks Alcohol and illicit substances Weapons and knives Fireworks, flares, sparklers or fire-twirling equipment Nasty attitudes! Everyone is here to have a good time, so please leave any negative energy outside our village!
  • The Festival Site
    Masoka Village is situated in Rundle Park / Kadlitpina, and the terrain consists of a combination of mostly flat grass, paved areas and gravel. During peak traffic periods, and especially after rain, parts of the park can become more difficult to negotiate. People who use wheelchairs are advised to use a wheelchair with large wheels if possible.
  • Assistance Animals
    Only the following Assistance animals are allowed onto the event site: Guide Dogs - trained to help blind or visually-impaired people Hearing Dogs - trained to help deaf or hearing-impaired people Mobility Support Animals - trained to help people with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs or have difficulty moving Medical Alert Animals - trained to assist their handlers before and during a medical emergency Psychiatric service animals - trained to provide support to people with psychiatric disabilities. To help us support you and your Assistant animal onsite, you must submit an Application and Registration Form. Note that we require a copy of the document showing your Proof of Assistance Animal Training or Public Access Test Pass. Please contact for a form.
  • Toilets
    Accessible toilet facilities are installed where possible throughout the festival, with clear marking to encourage use only by patrons who require accessible facilities. Please see the festival map for specific locations.
  • Companion Cards
    Masoka Village offers disabled patrons holding a current companion card a second ticket for their accompanying companion at no charge. When you arrive at the Festival Box Office, please present your National Companion card; our staff will then allocate a corresponding complimentary pass. There is a limit of one companion pass issued on a daily basis. When attending the Festival for multiple days and retaining the same companion, a 1 or 2 Day pass will be issued to your companion (for Day Experience); or a 1, 2, or 3 Night pass (for Night Experience).

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